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Party Rooms

The Base Price for either the Green and Blue Party Room Reservation Packages INCLUDES The Following:

    • Two (2) Hours In Your Reserved Party Room
    • A $100 Non-Refundable Reservation Fee
    • Ten (10) Passes for children under the ages 1 to 18 year old included
      • Passes to the Playground are good for the entire day

Blue Party Room – $200.00 (+tax)

2 Hour Private Room Rental 

10 Passes Included

Additional Passes are $10(+tax) per child
Non-Refundable Reservation Fee included in total payment


Private Room


Blue Room Holds up to 35 Guests

Adults are Free


Green Party Room – $175.00 (+tax)

2 Hour Private Room Rental

Non-Refundable Reservation Fee


Additional Passes are $10(+tax) per child

10 Passes Included

Private Room
holds up to 20 guests

Green Room Holds up to 25 Guests

Playground Plaza knows how to party! Host your birthday party, field trip, or other event with us!

To book your next party or event at Playground Plaza, please click here

Playground Plaza offers two (2) private party rooms that can be rented to host your birthday party or other special occasion. Reserving a single Party Room rental starts at just $175 (plus tax).

With this standard package, you and your guests receive a 2-hour block in our private party room as well as ten (10) discounted One-Day Passes to be used by you and your guests. Additional passes may be purchased at the discounted rate of $10.00 (plus tax) per additional child. Guests are welcome to bring in their own food, beverages, and paper products (excluding any of the prohibited items )

Party Room Rules and Etiquette:

  • The party room rental ONLY reserves the party room and does not allow private access to the entire park
  • Your Setup & Cleanup Times are INCLUDED in your scheduled 2-hour reservation. We ask that all guests be prompt in their setup and take-down to minimize any overlap between room reservations.
  • IF the reserved room is NOT CLEAN by your scheduled end time, the host is subject to a $45 cleaning fee
  • IF the reserved room is NOT CLEARED of party-related items by the scheduled end time, the host is subject to a fee of $25 per every five (3) minutes past the scheduled end time. 
  • NO IMPROMPTU PARTIES ALLOWED IN THE CAFETERIA AREA. Please plan your parties ahead to book our private rooms. Any groups found violating this policy will be required to immediately end the unauthorized party and may be subject to additional fees (up to $375) and/or required to immediately exit the facility.
  • Guests are also free to bring any decorations as long as no damage or marks are made to the property. Paint-friendly tape will be provided for any decorating needs. 
  • Prohibited decoration-related items include but are not limited to
    • Nails,
    • Tacks,
    • Industrial/Shipping Tape,
    • Pinatas,
    • Glitter,
    • Silly string,
    • Speakers for music
    • Balloons containing glitter
    • Any item presenting tripping or burning hazards
  • Balloons are allowed but they must be weighted & STAY IN THE PARTY ROOM.
    • Balloons containing glitter or small foil pieces are NOT Allowed in the facility
      • Any guests found violating this rule may be subject to a fee of $10 per balloon
    • Host are subject to a $50 fee for any balloon that need to be retrieved/removed from our ceilings

Reservation Details:

  • The times listed on the website is the START TIME & END TIME for your reservation. Hosts MUST HAVE THE ROOM CLEAN AND CLEAR by the scheduled end time. 
  • Hosts may arrive earlier than their posted start time to transport party-related items into the facility HOWEVER the room is not guaranteed to be available for decorations or setup prior to the scheduled start time. 
  • All children with a paid pass can enter the facility during open hours. Only the Party room is subject to the 2-hour rental time limitation 
  • When reserving a party room, a non-refundable reservation fee will included in your booking fee. This fee can be transferred to another available date or time ONLY IF Playground Plaza is notified at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled reservation and confirmation is given in writing.
  • Ten (10) One-Day Passes will be issued for the day of the party as part of the room reservation package. Any additional children under the age of 18 will be required to have a paid pass, which can be purchased at $10.00 (plus tax) per child.
  • When booking your party room reservation, you will be charge the base price in full. This base price includes your non-refundable reservation fee for the room and the ten (10) passes to cover the attending children. All additional passes outside of the ten (10) included in the base price must be paid in full by the day of the party.
  • If additional passes beyond the ten (10) included are needed, please contact us to ensure you can purchase the necessary amount at the discounted rate.
  • At least 48 hours prior to your reserved time, you’ll receive an email from Playground Plaza with:
    • A pass-code to be used by you and all of your guests that will work for the entire day of the party
    • A copy of our Liability Waiver that must be completed for each child under the age of 18 attending by either their parent or the hosting adults. A Liability Waiver for each child must be returned to Playground Plaza either by email or in person prior to the scheduled start time of the party
  • Your final payment due for any additional passes above and beyond the ten (10) passes included with the room rental will be processed on the day of your party & will be charged directly to the card on file that was entered for the initial deposit
  • Party Room 1 can comfortably accommodate up to 35 guests.
  • Party Room 2 can comfortable accommodate up to 25 guests.

Additional questions? Email for more info.