OPEN DAILY 7:00 am - 6:00 pm


11701 95th Avenue North,
Maple Grove 55369

About Us

Playground Plaza is owned and operated by Michael and Laura Clendenin. We have two amazing (and energetic) daughters: Sylvia (almost 3) and Violet (17 months) whose love of the playground inspired Playground Plaza to become a reality.

As all Minnesotans know having the ideal weather for outdoor play is at best unpredictable if not impossible! Our daughters love playing year round so we decided to keep all of the best parts of the playground – the slides, open sight lines, and space to run. We customized it with perks like Heat for winter, A/C for summer, Party Rooms, five bathrooms, and free WiFi. We  love that it offers our family a place to play how they do outdoors without all the downsides of bugs, sunburns, freezing temps, and especially the pesky Minnesota mosquitoes.

Our mission at Playground Plaza is to provide the greater Northwest Metro area with a fun, safe, highly automated, open-view play space that encourages the family unit and loved ones to bond through play. At Playground Plaza we offer a budget-friendly facility where parents and loved ones can guide their children through community play in a safe and fun environment. We believe that playing fosters social building activities and at Playground Plaza we encourage every family to find their own fun and to play everyday.

Playground Plaza makes playing everyday a reality in a climate controlled, nearly 20,000 sq ft facility with multiple playgrounds, a Kangaroo Jumper, Big Blue Blocks soft play area, turf for free play, a cafeteria, and two Party Rooms available for private rentals. Our playgrounds are designed to meet the needs for children 2-12, with one playground created to engage the rapidly developing gross motor skills of kids 2-5, and another more complex playground for children 5-12 to enjoy. We also offer a soft play area for toddlers and children interested in a less physically demanding, yet still dynamic and developmentally appropriate play area. Our turf allows for play with few physical boundaries allowing children and family to invent and explore new games and the freedom to run. The Kangaroo Jumper is sure to bring delight to all children playing and all the loved ones watching. We also offer a cafeteria and free wifi for guests to use while spending the day at Playground Plaza. Our party rooms are available for rental, and we are pleased to provide rooms for both larger and smaller celebrations.